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Vix J Cooper

Living on the Herts/Greater London border close to the motorway and railway, I like both busy places and the countryside. I don’t mind that my hair is going grey but hope my earlobes have stopped growing!

I’ve taught in schools and a museum and also ran Forest School. I love experimental history and archaeology and get ridiculously excited about poo and bones because they can hold information. I enjoy traditional crafts such as woodcarving and rope making.

My pets have included a crazy hen (there’s definitely a story to write about her!), and a rescued racing pigeon who I thought was a boy but turned out to be a girl. I truly do have a pet that’s featured in my book Crazy Pets & Secrets Revealed – he’s also a great window cleaner.

Wild boars and deer are amongst my favourite wild animals. Watching them inspired me to write my first picture book Fin and the Red Deer. My favourite farm animals are sheep, ducks and chickens, and I think turkeys are hilarious. I loved giving sheep Esther, from my new picture book Who Did This?, a mischievous character.

My idea of a good time includes spending time with family, and friends including woolly ones (sheep), coaxing naughty goats into their field, bird watching, cinema and of course writing.

I can be serious, or silly much to my husband and twin daughters’ dismay. I imagine my brain as cooked spaghetti as ideas pop into my head and slide around in no particular order. My motto for life is: I try, I try. I can, I can.