Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed
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I absolutely loved this lovely children’s book! It is endearing, tackles important topics and is funny at the same time!
I also enjoyed the author’s introduction and biography at the very beginning of the book, which is as engaging and fun as the book.
The style of writing is uplifting and the plot interesting. It is all about raising awareness for the elderly and is a unique story which mingles love for animals, the special bond between grandchild and grandmother, family relationships, and is told with love.
What else? I highly recommend this gem of a book!

By MHF, France

'This is a funny, crazy, unusual book that I will definitely use with my class next year. It tugged at my heartstrings and caused a tear to be shed on occasion. It is a lovely read. It reflected the love between child and nan and how her past influenced her actions today. So many lessons could be taught using this text as a precursor so I will definitely take it on board.'


‘I loved reading this beautifully and tenderly written book. It was compulsive reading, made me laugh, cry and all in between.

If still teaching I would use this book with my class. It’s is a great piece of fiction but truth too, and would help children understand lives past, a life they might be experiencing or have yet to come.

I have already recommended it to friends.

Child or adult, read it, there’s so much to gain and enjoy.’

By H

'My grand daughter loved this book.'

By Martin A (for 12 yr old)

‘An entertaining read from cover to cover with some brilliant characterisation, especially of the two grandmothers. Full of "laugh out loud" moments, with a heartwarming message too.'

By E, English Teacher

‘It gets your heart beating faster in anticipation. It is sometimes quite sad. It is rather funny and gets you laughing out loud.'

By V, aged 10

‘Real clarity of characters and their associated animals… younger readers will recognise a boy who asks familiar questions and shares familiar troubles: they will enjoy exploring the adult world through the eyes of an unconventional and fun-loving elderly lady and the grandson who adores and understands her so well…I really enjoyed it, had a few laugh out loud moments and loved the poignant ending.’

By C, Former Head of Learning

‘This is a clever, witty and quite original children's book about a family in which we can all recognise someone. It has lots of clever themes running through it.'

By D

‘I decided to read it and found I couldn’t put it down, had many chuckles and some sad moments.'

By grandmother, Australia

‘An endearing tale about the life of a family today, but filled with historical gems of Britain’s past, which many children may not know. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, it is ultimately the story of a boy and his love for his nan.'


I came across this lovely story whilst looking for a book for my 12 year old reluctant reader. It is the story of a boy,Hugo and his family with all their ups,downs and hilarious adventures. It had my son laughing out loud in his room. It is beautifully written, looking at family life through a child's eyes, and takes the reader through so many emotions. And Hugo - we love him and we can't wait for more!'


What a lovely read this was, although not my normal genre I found the story very endearing. The bond between grandson and both grandmothers was very heartfelt.'

By SS, Educator

This was a sweet book that shows the importance of a relationship between youth and the elderly. I enjoyed the concept and found it cute and easy to read.'


A poignant story of family relationships told with humour and thought provoking details. It will make you examine your own relationships and see things through a child’s eyes.'


‘A sweet story about a boy and his love for his nan. Who likes to like people to their spiritual animal. It is about raising awareness for the elderly. To remind us that they are unique and have many wonderful stories to tell. A unique book. That was a joy to read.'


‘I had fun in reading this sweet and entertaining book. I like the plot and the characters. Recommended!'

By AMG, Italy

This story really showcases the importance of relationships within the family. While Nan may have her quirks, she loves life and enjoys sharing her love with her grandson. It’s pretty funny how Poppy is embarrassed by her mother’s odd ways, but Hugo embraces all of the silliness as any 10-year-old would. Set in the UK, this story brings home how WWII shaped the lives of a generation, holding them back from their dreams and haunting their futures with the memories.'

By Amy B

The book is describes the characters in real depth and with humour. It shows an imaginative little boy who relates key people in his life to animals.

Hugo's relationship with his nan is particularly important to him and through this strong, caring relationship Nan shares her lifetime of knowledge and experience, bringing the past to life for Hugo.

Carefully and beautifully descriptive throughout, this book takes children through an emotional journey in which memories are brought to life.'


'Crazy pets and secrets revealed is a sweet book about a boy and his kooky nan, a lovely old lady who lives life to the full, she dyes her hair crazy colours and has a habit of comparing people to animals and might not always pay for things but Hugo her grandson loves her and they have fun adventures together but Hugo's nan is getting old "she is in her eighties!" as Hugo's mum often says and Hugo is worried about her and this book follows them in their time together.

The book is aimed at young adults but I'm 47 and enjoyed it, my only criticism is it's a little repetitive in places, but it will make you laugh and cry and in my opinion that is always a good book.'

By M

There are many important life lessons hidden within the entertaining adventures in this endearing book by British author Vix Cooper. I found myself moved, repeatedly, throughout this tale of unconditional love between a grandmother and her adoring grandson.

It's pretty long for it's intended YA audience but by the end, the reasons are easily apparent. Relationships between generations are so important and rewarding, if not challenging.

Cooper has assembled a diverse, thoroughly unique cast of characters that truly reflect many families around the world. Attention to our aging population is so important and here you will find a very loving glimpse of how patience and understanding are the greatest kind of love.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.'