Inspiration for picture story, Who Did This?

At Chiltern Open Air Museum where I help with lambing.

Making haystacks
Sheepdog Ted

Shepherd Steve Stone's dog, Ted

Inspiration for Fin and the Red Deer

British wild boars & deer inspired me for characters in story Fin and the Red Deer.

Making haystacks

Inspiration for Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed

Animals that inspired key characters in Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed.

Photos courtesy of Shuttleworth, Beds & Chiltern Open Air Museum (COAM).

Making haystacks

I love dressing up for Halloween. What did Hugo & Nan wear to their event?

Who stumbles across wrinkled giants like this?

After threshing wheat with the brilliant Chiltern Open Air Museum Team (me in blue boiler suit & flat cap) & Helen Skelton for Countryfile's harvest episode. Views from the top of the 1947 machine gave me ideas for settings.

Who is this at Hugo's school?

One of my pets, who features in Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed.

Fairground bumper cars

My character GW misbehaves on one of these.

And what's a stick insect got to do with bumper cars?

Picture courtesy Carters Steam Fair

Which character in Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed has bat features?

And which character does Hugo adore who liked bats when they were younger?

Who is Hippopotamus in Crazy Pets and Secrets Revealed?

Hugo's year 6 teacher reminds him of a jellyfish.